Business Intelligence Articles

Business Intelligence Tools Rely on Data Visualization for a Clear Business Picture

Visualization is needed to have a clearer picture of your business and business intelligence tools are here to help with that. Even though most data can be read and interpreted by numbers, to really bring your data to life you should use visualization tools. The visualization when combined with the business intelligence tools add a […]

BI Software Gains Mobility with SAP in the Driver’s Seat

SAP is doing whatever they can to increase their game in the Business Intelligence (BI) field. They are preparing to release new BI software that focuses on the areas of mobility and real time data analysis that you are looking for. SAP originally intended to release this mobility feature last year but due to unseen […]

Buyers Demand Easy Data Exploration in Business Intelligence Software: A New Normal Has Arrived

What exactly is Business Intelligence Software? It is a broad range of software applications and tools that are used to report, analyze and present data in ways such as formats to help businesses identify opportunities they can take advantage of and support them in making decisions. This is quite the mouth full for one piece […]

Gain the Fast Track to Data Knowledge with Business Intelligence Software Solutions

Information is something you must have to run your business. If that information is a jumbled mess you probably won’t get very far with it. When you can not figure out what information goes with which job then you are probably missing something along the way. This is why most companies are now turning to […]

What Can Business Intelligence Do For You? Read on to See!

You know you need business intelligence to make quicker and more accurate decisions that will benefit your business. If you haven’t made an investment in business intelligence in the past, however, there may be some confusion over exactly what it is or how you can make it work for your business environment. Business intelligence is […]

How Should You Compare Business Intelligence Software? By the Dashboard of Course!

When you are trying to compare business intelligence software vendors there are a number of things to consider. Tools, cost, support and the ability to be integrated are just a few; dashboards however could be your deciding factor. All vendors offer some basics when it comes to the software packages they offer but dashboards seem […]

BI Software Purchasing Presents Certain Challenges; Are You Up to the Task?

Business intelligence (BI) software can be a challenging purchase for even the most informed professional. If you are just starting out on the task of educating yourself on BI software and what your company needs, there are some tips provided here that can make the task a bit easier for you and more beneficial for […]

BI Tools for the iPad – Welcome to the New Age of Tablet Computing

The Apple iPad – you’ve seen them everywhere. People use them at the local coffee shop, they are used to order meals at top-end restaurants and you may even have one sitting at your desk. Tablet computers have introduced a new – and more mobile way – to consume data and information. At the same […]

Business Intelligence Management – Some Much Needed Advice

You know that business intelligence management has come a long way, but how do you know you have the right platform in place and that you are capturing the right data to analyze and act upon to build out your strategies? When all eyes are on you, it is important to select the business intelligence […]

Your Business Intelligence System Takes the Wheel, Are You Ready for the Ride?

What does your business intelligence system mean for your organization? Have you been able to leverage all of the key benefits that were promised by the vendor? Was your deployment successful? Traditionally, business intelligence systems were deployed by organizations more as a means to be able to say they were in place than to actually […]