What Can Business Intelligence Do For You? Read on to See!


You know you need business intelligence to make quicker and more accurate decisions that will benefit your business. If you haven’t made an investment in business intelligence in the past, however, there may be some confusion over exactly what it is or how you can make it work for your business environment. Business intelligence is actually the tools it takes to run a business that are combined together in software packages. Medical businesses have tried to find ways to streamline their practices, and business intelligence tools were created to make office work more efficient as well as to reduce human errors.

An End to the Business Intelligence Wars?

Cindi Howson of BIScorecard.com wrote a response to an article that appeared in TDWI’s BI This Week. She said that she does not feel the business intelligence wars are over but they were only beginning. She also stated that she felt that business intelligence would soon be a commodity in the world of medicine. If this is the case then business intelligence providers are sure to soon be in pricing wars which will only benefit you as a medical provider. You will be able to seek out exactly what you want for your practice and be in a great position to get a very good deal on the business intelligence platform you need.

Making Business Intelligence Work for Your Medical Office

Business intelligence is the next best thing in medicine. Besides the fact that it can streamline office practices and assist in efficiency it can also make your patients feel more comforted. If they see that your office is running smoothly and things are efficient they will have more faith in you and your abilities as a medical provider. When things are in chaos in the office this is reflected by the actions of you and your employees. Patients pick up on this tension and may have second thoughts about using your office as their medical choice. Giving them comfort is after all what it is all about. If it can be done by something as simple as implementing business intelligence into your office then it would definitely be worth your time to do your research.

Business Intelligence Vendors

QlikTech, Tibco, Spotfire and Tableau are only a few of the vendors that offer business intelligence tools. These four companies have worked hard to make a name for themselves in the software world so that they can gain the respect of their clients and offer a quality product. By offering highly intuitive interfaces, large memory capacity and the ability to integrate with current systems, they have found their niche in the business intelligence world.

Which Business Intelligence Vendor is Right for Your Office

There is no clear cut answer to this ever plaguing question. Because no two medical offices are ran exactly the same, no two offices will probably want the same business intelligence tools. If your medical practice is one of a family physician then you may want different tools than someone who runs a medical practice of dentistry. Shopping around and knowing what vendors are out there are the first steps in the right directions. Once you have found a vendor that you favor, your next goal will be to make sure they have all the tools that you are looking for. Do not sell your office short; make sure you acquire all of the tools you need in one purchase of business intelligence.

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