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Splunk for Business Intelligence

Unlike traditional business intelligence and web analytics tools, IT Search lets business users drill down and change reporting to gain deeper insight. Splunk also serves other non-technical users such as customer support who need to answer specific questions about user and application activity. Everyone in your organization will be empowered to answer the questions that […]

The Metrics-Driven Organization: How to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business in Challenging Times

In any organization, multiple sources of data must be analyzed and turned into actionable information. The difficulty is bringing it all together, focusing on the critical information and using it to measure, learn and innovate. This white paper discusses how metrics increase visibility and sharpen decision making to ensure excellent customer service, rising revenue and […]

Talking ‘Bout a Revolution

This white paper explains why the market for Business Intelligence software is ripe for change. The challenges implementing and using traditional OLAP technology have troubled organizations for too long. People want, and deserve, analysis that everyone in an organization – not just the chosen few – can use.

IDC Whitepaper – QlikTech’s Approach to Business Intelligence: Keep it Simple and Flexible

This white paper discusses developments in the BI software market with specific focus on query and reporting software. It further examines software vendor QlikTech and its offering and position in the market. Discussions with selected QlikTech customers provide further insight into QlikTech’s approach to delivering BI solutions without the additional costs and development efforts needed […]

QlikView—Using Complementary Business Intelligence Software with SAP

This paper is for CIOs making investment decisions for complimentary software in an SAP environment. Readers will receive information on when to select QlikView and how to position such an investment in the light of SAP’s NetWeaver strategy.

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