Buyers Demand Easy Data Exploration in Business Intelligence Software: A New Normal Has Arrived


What exactly is Business Intelligence Software? It is a broad range of software applications and tools that are used to report, analyze and present data in ways such as formats to help businesses identify opportunities they can take advantage of and support them in making decisions.

This is quite the mouth full for one piece of software, but it is the new normal in businesses everywhere.

Yellowfin Mobile and Business Intelligence Software

Yellowfin’s Mobile business intelligence software solutions have scored high in the ratings compared to other business intelligence software vendors. They scored fourteen out of sixteen possible points which puts them second overall in business intelligence software vendors; and no one vendor had a perfect score. These numbers are very impressive if you are looking to make a software purchase. They now offer a complete business solution in their business intelligence software which was reflected in the numbers as well.

Why Have Business Intelligence Software Ratings?

The business intelligence software vendors are rated so that overall capabilities can be recognized as well as their ability to successfully support companies’ mobile communications. Platform support is figured into the ratings as well as the depth of integration possible. This allows you as a business owner to see which vendors offer enough functions with their BI software.

Making Business Intelligence Software Mobile

The iPhone, iPad and Android are all hot new commodities in the world of the internet. Finding a business intelligence software vendor that allows their software to work on these items is the key to finding a great vendor. Consumers who use the business intelligence software on their mobile devices are able to log directly into their accounts and access their content from anywhere. This makes it more cost effective since no extra software is needed to make this possible.

Security is no issue when using the business intelligence software on your mobile device because no information or data is stored on the device itself. If you do choose to find a business intelligence software provider who supports the mobile devices, make sure you do not limit yourself to one device. Some vendors may support the iPhone but not Android; make sure you find one that will handle them all. Yellowfin plans on releasing their application for the BlackBerry some time in the next year.

Seeking the Right Choice

No matter which business intelligence vendor you choose to pursue, you want to make sure it is the right business fit for your company. This means not selling your company short with fewer applications to save money because this could only lead to needing further software in the future. Also, making sure that the vendor supports all types of mobile devices is a huge benefit. You do not want to be tied to the office to check on your company information; allow yourself the freedom to do it from your car or your home as well.

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