How Should You Compare Business Intelligence Software? By the Dashboard of Course!


When you are trying to compare business intelligence software vendors there are a number of things to consider. Tools, cost, support and the ability to be integrated are just a few; dashboards however could be your deciding factor. All vendors offer some basics when it comes to the software packages they offer but dashboards seem to be the deal breaker for a lot of business owners who are shopping around and trying to compare business intelligence software.

Why Dashboards

The dashboard of the software is kind of like your butter on your toast; it is where the flavor is for that particular item. On your dashboards you will find all of the functions you need to make your software come to life, without it you have very little to work with. The functions that the dashboards allow you to work with are what make them all stand out from their competition. Other things are important as well but it seems that everything lies here.

Playing the Field

If you have already decided to compare business intelligence software then you should probably start by seeing which vendors offer you free trial periods. This is an excellent way to get to know the software and see if it is something that you feel would benefit your company. Once you have completed that free trial, move on to another one. You will then have two companies to compare and you can narrow it down to one choice. After this step, try another free trial. Once you have done this a few times you will be left with your top choice of vendors. This may be the only way to know for sure if a vendor is right for you.

Finding a Starting Point

IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft have been some of the leaders in the business intelligence software field so far. These four companies may be a good place to start when you start to compare business intelligence software. Because their ratings have been so high and their customers have stayed so satisfied, it is obvious they are doing something right with their products. These names have been around for years and that allows you some comfort in knowing you are choosing a name that people have trusted over time.

Compare Business Intelligence Software and Make a Decision

No matter which vendor you decide to go with after you have started to compare business intelligence software you will be able to see the benefits rather quickly. There is a wealth of information held within the software itself that can help you to manage your business more efficiently. Making the first step to decide to compare business intelligence software may be the hardest. It is sometimes difficult to give up ways of doing things that have worked for the years past. However, if you want to be able to keep up with your competition and keep your company on the charts then it is time to take that first step in the right direction.

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