Business Intelligence Articles

Manage Your Business Closely with Business Intelligence Software

If you have a large chain of businesses that span across the globe you know it can sometimes be difficult to manage all of the data from each store in an efficient manner. Take for instance Chili‚Äôs Grill & Bar chain. They have restaurants from Seattle, Washington to the Osan Air Base in South Korea. […]

Open Source Business Intelligence Tools: The New Era of Software

Open source business intelligence tools have become the new alternative to traditional licensed software. There are now over 25 open source business intelligence software projects that provide a multitude of tools for businesses today. It began in 2005 when ten new open source business intelligence tools were released. Some were business intelligence suites and some […]

Find out How Business Intelligence Tools will Make Your Company More Efficient

A recent survey was taken to see how many business owners felt that the right business intelligence tools could make your business the best it could be. Almost fifty percent felt that the success of their business depended highly on their choice of business intelligence tools. There is a Business Intelligence Survey Report that is […]

Check Out What Business Intelligence Tool You May Already be Utilizing and See How to Make it Better

You may not realize it yet but your company may already be using a business intelligence tool to help manage your business. There are some very common ones out there that have been around for years. Most software can be considered a business intelligence tool even though you may not categorize it that way. We […]

CIOs Are Challenging Collective Wisdom with Some Help from Business Intelligence Analytics

For years, CIOs have been left out of the board meetings, and have rarely been conferenced in on strategy sessions to determine forward moving initiatives for the company. Yet, the enterprise today expects the CIO to determine how best to manage the technology needs of the business. If you have noticed there is something not […]