BI Software Gains Mobility with SAP in the Driver’s Seat


SAP is doing whatever they can to increase their game in the Business Intelligence (BI) field. They are preparing to release new BI software that focuses on the areas of mobility and real time data analysis that you are looking for. SAP originally intended to release this mobility feature last year but due to unseen circumstances it was delayed; the impending release of the latest software in the BI field is exciting and gives a glimpse into what you have in store for your BI Software future.


In a recent demonstration, SAP showed how it recently launched HANA, or High Performance Analytic Appliance technology. This is said to drastically speed up the performance of current BI software tools for analyzing traditional data. The series of applications that HANA will release will be on top of the software releases in no time and this puts the data in a position to be released faster for customers.

Memory and the BI Software

In-memory as well as mobility are the two things that sell BI software according to Steve Lucas, a senior executive in business analytics. There are other components to consider, but these two are at the top of the list. Data integration and consolidation are also very important when choosing the right BI software for your company. Better scalability is something to watch for as well as a vendor’s support system.

Finding Strength in Business Portfolio’s

BI software vendors seem to be finding strengths in their BI portfolio’s since the new releases of business intelligence software solutions have hit the market. Some have seen continued growth despite the downturn of the economy and some are trying to find ways to rise up to their competition. With this in mind, it will be easier for you to negotiate with vendor’s who may really want or need your business. The time is now to start shopping for your BI software. Even with the economy in a downturn, BI software holds many cost-saving benefits for any organization. The business economy must keep moving regardless of the economy or other outside factors and by focusing on new BI software you will be able to keep up with the competition.

Doing it All

Not any one person can do everything and that is a given fact. However, companies who have already taken advantage of the BI software are able to see that one person can now do more than ever. Because BI software makes things so much easier, employees are now able to multi-task where they may not have been able to before. This is one way that the BI software makes your company more efficient and cost effective. The next wave of applications will be created on a 4.0 software scale but the current applications which were released on a 3.1 scale are industry specific. This may be a good place to start when looking for new BI software.

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