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Published on December 17, 2009 in Computer Software, Technology


CHELMSFORD, Mass. (December 17, 2009) – The Will County Health Department in Illinois is using the time and attendance solution from KronosĀ® Incorporated to accurately track employee time at H1N1 flu vaccination clinics. The real-time information offered by Kronos is helping the department properly reimburse employees working extra hours and effectively track labor hours accurately for federal grants received to administer the clinics.
News Facts

* Kronos is helping the health department pay its employees working extra hours at seven clinics set up in schools across the county. Employees are conducting various duties including site coordination, vaccine administration, and review of release forms.
* Will County Health Department is also using Kronos to develop a First Responder emergency tracking strategy.
* Kronos allows the health department to add extra pay codes and specific comments in the system, to help calculate accurate overtime for First Responders. Given the complexity of a government organization’s payroll environment, the more challenging pay rules a time and attendance system can handle, the greater the reduction in error.
* Will County Health Department selected Kronos to completely automate and centralize its time and attendance data collection process, which is a common weak point in many government infrastructures. If time and attendance data collection is done manually, it can leak hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars each year. Considering that labor costs represent one of the largest operational expenses for government organizations, time and attendance data collection is a great place to look for efficiency improvement and quick payback.

Supporting Quotes

* Sue Olenek, director of administrative services, Will County Health Department
“Complete automation of complex processes such as tracking time, calculating overtime, and managing absence leaves no room for error. This becomes even more critical when we need employees to spend extra hours during unforeseen circumstances. Kronos has been a valuable technology partner in enabling us to develop our First Responder strategy and helping us become as accountable as possible to the public.”
* Christine Carmichael, director of public sector marketing, Kronos
“Today it is the H1N1 virus that is capturing the nation’s attention, but tomorrow it may be another crisis. Since workers are key to successfully executing a First Responder strategy, the ability to actually track employee time is crucial. Will County Health Department is using Kronos solutions to achieve the important goal of tracking effectively during emergencies in addition to controlling labor costs, minimizing compliance risk, and improving workforce productivity.”

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