Teradata is the First to Deliver Big Analytics Innovation for Communications Service Providers

Published on January 29, 2013 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Technology


CSP Next Generation Analytics Framework provides integrated 360-degree view of ALL transaction data, interaction data to create more compelling engagements

SAN DIEGO (January 29, 2013) – What’s the next analytic innovation for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) ready to grow competitive advantage with deeper insight gleaned from detailed, granular customer data?  Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data solutions company, announced today the availability of the first integrated CSP framework to provide a 360-degree view of customers – leveraging both conventional transaction data and granular, detailed interaction data.

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The Teradata CSP Next Generation Analytics Framework enables Communications Service Providers to gain useful new big data analytic insights into customer behavior and product preferences through visibility to ALL data interaction. This includes granular information from a CSP’s services, network, devices, location, social networks and a CSP’s digital marketing and ecommerce interactions with a subscriber. With this deep data visibility into customer behavior, CSPs can better create new services and monetize existing infrastructure, processes and data for more personalized, compelling customer experiences. The result is unique, one-of-a-kind market advantages, while improving OPEX (operating expense) and CAPEX (capital expense) performance.

Teradata’s CSP Next Generation Analytics Framework takes advantage of partner capabilities such as Guavus’ SevenFlow, its marketing decisioning application, which provides deep insight into subscriber behavior and data usage. Together with accelerated deployment of the Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™ – which captures and analyzes both structured and multi-structured data – the Next Generation Analytics Framework can drive unprecedented business and market insight that competitors cannot replicate. Teradata’s UDA architecture embraces Hadoop and Aster’s SQLMapReduce platforms for quick analysis of multi-structured data.

In addition, CSPs can leverage new capabilities from Teradata’s Communications Logical Data Model (cLDM), which is a key to providing optimally integrated data. The cLDM serves as a map to a CSP organization’s information. It represents enterprise data, data relationships, topic areas and business rules and helps CSPs define how different types of data relate to each other. The cLDM map would organize data pertaining to social media/networks, multi-structured data, set top box analytics (where relevant), multimedia, geospatial, advertisement, ecommerce and web intelligence.

Also available with Teradata CSP Next Generation Analytics Framework is a full range of Integrated Marketing Management software from Aprimo, which gives CSPs the power of rapid marketing deployment, so analytic insights can be executed upon in near real-time. For example, if a CSP notices that subscribers are having network issues, CSP analysts can use Aprimo marketing tools to trigger a campaign to quickly contact customers with appropriate messaging.

As a result of leveraging the capabilities contained in the Teradata framework, service providers have documented valuable economic benefits. Notably, a leading service provider has already started delivering true, next-generation customer experiences, and the results have been exciting.  The CSP experienced a half percent reduction in churn, by improving its visibility into network performance.  Another CSP is realizing a ten percent retention uplift in marketing campaigns and $13M in annual win back revenue by leveraging Teradata’s social network analytics capability.

In another instance, a well-known CSP was able to monetize its data and infrastructure, resulting in a 30 percent increase in store traffic. They used geo-spatial tools to identify subscribers’ proximity to stores, then merging these insights combined with eligibility for new offers – for engagement, when store employees have free time to greet customers.

“Revenue generation and customer loyalty are driving the market for big data,” said Patrick Kelly from Analysys Mason, a leading analyst firm with expertise in the three key areas of telecoms, media and technology. “CSPs should understand the business outcomes in specific areas of their business before investing in big data and analytics. For example, they could increase net profit margins by 12 percent with cross-marketing and sales promotions; improve customer retention by 0.2 percent via loyalty campaigns; and defer capital investments in the RAN* without degrading service, yielding hundreds of millions in savings in capital spending.”

This is all possible today with the Teradata CSP Next Generation Analytics Framework, which leverages the Unified Data Architecture™ and captures, refines, and stores detailed data in Hadoop. Subsequent analysis can be performed for the discovery of new insights – and the resulting intelligence is made available by the Teradata Database for use across the enterprise.

“We are excited to bring to market the first integrated CSP solution to provide a 360-degree view of customers, leveraging both conventional transaction data and multi-structured interaction data. Because so many top organizations already use Teradata, we know that this new offer and value proposition will resonate with CSPs ready to capitalize on the emergence of big data sources,” said Scott Sobers , Director, Communications Industry Marketing & Strategy, Teradata. “Our strategy is to move Teradata’s customers beyond “traditional analytics” to advanced capabilities. Our customers rely on us for exactly this kind of analytic innovation – which they cannot get anywhere else.”   

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*A RAN is a radio access network – and is part of a mobile telecommunication system

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