Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism Is the First to Gain Benefits from a BI 3.0 Application on the Azure Platform

Published on November 30, 2011 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Technology


Polish Ministry Management can Locate KPIs and Analyze Trends Using Panorama’s Necto and Datacom’s AMODIT on Windows Azure

TORONTO (November 30, 2011) – Panorama Software, a global leader in proactive Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, announced today its successful implementation of a project carried out by workflow management provider Datacom Software for the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland. The project was implemented on top of Windows Azure, making it the first BI solution on the Microsoft cloud-based application platform.

The AMODIT system, provided by Datacom Software, was selected to streamline the application process and workflow within the Ministry. Dynamic modeling methods were introduced which properly mapped the different department programs in use. Data is stored according to unified Ministry protocols, inserting uniformity into previously separate processing. A case mechanism allows streamlined handling of annexes and other contact-related documents.

Panaroma’s Necto is an integral part of the solution. Its business intelligence tool is integrated with Microsoft’s Azure platform, so the solution can be scaled up to meet business needs. Necto allows Ministry staff to identify and analyze data trends in real time. Improved data and reporting gives the Ministry the ability to run more efficiently by allocating time and financial resources more effectively to solve issues.

“With Necto and AMODIT’s tools on the Azure cloud platform, we were able to quickly modernize the Ministry’s form and application management processes,” said Piotr Reszka, CEO at Datacom Software. “The Ministry of Sport and Tourism’s various departments had their own systems that could support applications and reporting, but there was not continuity. They also lacked the ability to dynamically change the content of over 100 different forms the Ministry handles every day. The new system gives them amazing workflow fluidity and additional peace of mind knowing the system can handle any level of usage demand.”

“This exciting project with the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism marks the first customer collaboration for Necto and Azure,” said Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software. “Azure’s platform stability with Necto’s powerful Social Intelligence and Automated Insights gives us the right base to handle the Ministry’s multiple applications and their myriad trending and reporting needs.”

Panorama Necto is the industry’s first socially-enabled Business Intelligence solution that offers a new way to connect data, insights, and people in the organization. It represents a new generation of BI 3.0 solutions that enable enterprises to leverage the power of Social Intelligence to gain insights more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater relevancy. For more information about Panorama Necto, visit www.panorama.com.

Datacom Software is a Warsaw-based company providing workflow management tools with artificial intelligence that allows dynamic dataflow analysis and predictive user behavior. For more information about Datacom’s AMODIT solution, visit www.amodit.com.

About Panorama Software: Panorama Software helps companies grow revenues, reduce costs and improve corporate performance by enabling social decision making and unlocking actionable insights contained within their data.

Leading the Business Intelligence 3.0 revolution, Panorama Software offers a new generation of BI solutions that introduces a unique way to connect data, insights, and people in the organization. Panorama Necto™ is the first BI solution that leverages Social Decision Making and Automated Insights to enable users gain insights more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater relevancy.

Panorama Software is the original developer of the OLAP technology that Microsoft acquired in 1996 and integrated into the SQL Server platform, and since has been a close and strategic Microsoft partner.

Panorama streamlines business operations for over 1,600 customers worldwide and has a wide eco-system of partners in 30 countries, maintaining offices throughout North America, EMEA and Asia. To learn more about Panorama Software, please visit www.panorama.com.

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