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Sessions at conference feature business and technology benefits of high-performance in-database analytics

CARY, N.C. (October 09, 2012) – SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, and Teradata, (NYSE: TDC), the leader in analytic data solutions focused on big data analytics and data warehousing, announce multiple in-depth sessions at the Oct. 21-25 Teradata PARTNERS User Group Conference, featuring insights on the SAS and Teradata partnership from joint customers sharing case studies.

“The presence of many mutual SAS and Teradata customers using database-driven analytics is a reflection of the appealing value proposition and energetic momentum of our partnership,” said Rob Berman, Vice President of Teradata Partnerships and Alliances.

The SAS and Teradata partnership continues to grow, and many of its mutual customers will share insights based on their successes. In addition, Paul Kent, SAS Vice President of Platform Research and Development, will co-present with Teradata on ways that the two companies work together, using advanced technologies to deliver modernized infrastructures that “support high-performance analysis of large volumes of varied data types – analytics that would have previously been considered out of scope as infeasible or too time-consuming to calculate.”

A full listing of the event’s many educational sessions is available online at the PARTNERS website in the Session Catalog. The sessions posted online for quick access to attendees include these abstracts:

American Airlines: Finding New Revenue in the Cargo Holds of Jetliners

This presentation will focus on the process of migrating data from a commercially available operational application to a Teradata analytical data warehouse. The presentation features examples of how AA Cargo Revenue Management uses this data combined with other AA and industry information available in the warehouse to measure business performance vs. pre-determined metrics; gain insight into customer behavior; and assess the application’s accuracy. Featured reporting and analysis tools will also demonstrate the compatibility of the Teradata data warehouse with business intelligence and performance management tools, such as Cognos and SAS® Enterprise Guide®. The result of these efforts was significant incremental revenue generated by the Cargo group – a major milestone in the build-out of AA’s enterprise data warehouse. Speakers: Bruce Carter, Manager, Cargo Decision Support, American Airlines; and Frank Bush Sr., Industry Consultant, Teradata.

Enterprise Holdings: Best Practices – SAS® Data Integration Studio and Teradata-Based Solutions

An overview of Enterprise Holdings Inc.’s experience and approach to implementing ETL solutions using SAS Data Integration Studio with a Teradata platform will be presented. Best practices followed during the design and development of the SAS Data Integration Studio jobs, including the administration components and environment setup, will be reviewed. Best practices to effectively manage metadata for various Teradata Database objects – including metadata representation of source and target tables, and server connection information – will be provided. Tips and techniques on how to setup Teradata-specific options in SAS Data Integration Studio will be shared. Recommendations will be made about how to organize and deploy SAS Data Integration Studio jobs, as well as migrating SAS Data Integration Studio code from one environment to another. The presentation will also address the challenges faced setting up the environment, developing ETL jobs using SAS Data Integration Studio and running jobs in production in batch mode, as well as how those situations were handled. Speaker: Kapil Dahiya, Software Architect, Enterprise Holdings.

Oi (Telecomm): New Customer Experience Through Product Renewal Relationship Modernization

Oi, the largest communication services company in Brazil, with more than 60 million customers in fixed, mobile, broadband, and TV products, made a priority of establishing new and more effective customer experiences through product renewal and relationship structure modernization. With Teradata and SAS tools, Oi learned which critical points to monitor, to more consistently manage customer engagement. Initial results indicate a significant cost savings efficiency – ranging from 8 to 15 percent across various products – together worth an estimated  $700 million per year. Speaker: Radakian Lino Ger Inteligencia de Canais de Relacionamento, Oi.

PepsiCo: Leveraging the Power of Teradata for the SAS® Forecasting Process

An effective sales forecast requires a comprehensive set of data at a granular level, including internal master data, internal sales, external POS, promotions, holidays and events, weather, etc. The more data inputs you have, the better the forecast will be. Most implementations handle data prep in SAS and then feed this data to the forecasting engine. PepsiCo wanted this process to be faster and cheaper. The challenges involved are the massive data sets and the complicated processing performed on these data sets. Due to Teradata’s parallel processing efficiencies, it is better equipped to handle the high data volume and the complicated transformations that are involved in preparing the input data for the SAS forecasting engine. Another advantage was the co-location of master data when using Teradata as it was already in this platform.  Speakers: Nazik Nizam, BI/Data Management Senior Analyst; Guru Rajendra, BI/Data Management Associate Manager, PepsiCo.

Supervalu: Realizing the Value of Big Data at Supervalu: People, Process, Technology

Supervalu is expanding its technology toolkit, developing a new process, and reinvigorating its technical team to enable rapid insight into its data without sacrificing analysis accuracy. Previously, it mainly used Teradata as an enterprise data warehouse, MicroStrategy and Tableau for data visualization and SAS® for analytics. Supervalu realized that SQL analysis alone is not sufficient for its needs and it needed quicker analysis time. The company engaged with Teradata Aster to enable its power analysts to do big data analysis. They can easily pull in data sets from different systems, do quick transformations, and perform in-depth analysis on the data using a combination of SQL and SQL-MapReduce functions. To achieve operational efficiency, Supervalu also created a new process with an agile core team to explore the data using the best tool for the job. The team took a quick-fail approach so they can quickly identify projects and ideas with potential and then focus their energy only on these projects.

Speakers: Venugopal Adooparambil Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, Supervalu; George Kong, PS Partner, Aster COI, Teradata.

T-Mobile: Predictive Analytics Automation: Make Better Decisions Faster!

T-Mobile uses statistical models to predict customer churn, customer purchase propensities, fraud and payment behavior. The models are used to drive strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Using our Teradata system along with advanced analytics techniques and business process integration, we’ve implemented a stable, scalable environment to support automated processes for predictive analytics to enable usable insights. In this session, we’ll discuss how we prepare our data for predictive analytics and best practices around the process automation in our Teradata EDW environment. We’ll articulate how we manage SAS® Model Manager and SAS Scoring Accelerator, and demonstrate how we automate the model scoring process. Discussion will cover the learning and challenges experienced in implementing this service from people, process and technology perspectives.

Speakers: Peter Huang, Senior Manager, BI Architecture; Mikael Weige, IT Director, Customer Relationship Marketing; Laura Rodgers, Solution Architect; Muazma Zahid, Data Architect; and Sherry Leung, Solution Architect, T-Mobile.

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