Nikkei Digital Media Upgrades Teradata Analytic Environment

Published on November 26, 2012 in Computer & Electronics, Internet, Technology


Teradata Data Warehouse Appliances extend high performance on data warehouse

TOKYO (November 26, 2012) –  Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data solutions company, has announced that Nikkei Digital Media, Inc. (President, Yoshiki Kimoto) has upgraded its existing Teradata data warehouse with multiple new Teradata Data Warehouse Appliances to build upon their existing platform. Nikkei Digital Media provides a comprehensive information service well known as “Nikkei POS Information Services.” They use a Teradata system to house core business data supporting their “Nikkei POS Information Services.”

The information infrastructure for “Nikkei POS Information Services” at Nikkei Digital Media includes a broad variety of detailed data, streaming from many sources and sales records that includes 2,650,000 products in about 1,650 categories such as processed foods, alcoholic beverages, and household items from 800 stores.

Nikkei Digital Media provides services to its members so that they can extract and analyze type-specific rankings, market shares, regional statuses, shopper attributes and sales records by products and stores and related information. Data is collected daily and system users can quickly view updated information for decision support. Currently more than 500 corporate member organizations actively use the data warehouse environment, including manufacturers, retail stores, trading companies, universities, and research institutions.

Nikkei Digital Media has been using a Teradata data warehouse for more than a decade, and decided to continue with Teradata due to its systems’ stable operation and high analytical performance. They cited its flexible data processing capability to handle atypical process demands, and the positive cost-performance. The accelerated processing speed on the new Teradata appliances is reported as more than seven times faster.

Now using the new Teradata system, Nikkei Digital Media is planning to increase the number of stores from which they collect sales touch-point data.

About Nikkei Digital Media

Nikkei Digital Media, Inc. represents the core of Nikkei Group’s electronic media activities, providing a comprehensive information service to corporations, financial institutions, universities, research institutes, government ministries and agencies, and other customers. For more information please click here.

About Teradata

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