Jaspersoft Delivers Native 64-Bit Business Intelligence on Sun

Published on November 1, 2007 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Internet, Technology


Java-Based Technology Fuels Affordable End-to-end Open Source BI Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO (November 01, 2007) –

JasperSoft Corporation, the market leader in open source business intelligence, today announced availability of the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite (JBIS) Version 2.1 for Sun x64 (x86, 64-bit) server platforms. The announcement marks JasperSoft’s official support for 64-bit processors, allowing for increased scalability and performance across their suite of business intelligence products, covering operational reporting, data warehousing and data integration. With JBIS 2.1, JasperSoft will be offering certification and support for Sun Fire(TM) x64 servers, Sun SPARCĀ®-powered servers running the open source OpenSolaris(TM) Operating System (OS) Platform, as well as AMD Opteron-powered and Intel Xeon systems.

JasperSoft is certifying the entire JBIS product family for the Sun Fire x64 and SPARC server platform, and will be offering professional subscriptions with full support and services. JBIS, in combination with Sun server technology provides an affordable, completely scalable BI solution on a choice of Opteron- or Xeon- powered servers, as well as on SPARC-powered servers. The JasperSoft BI suite is a native 64 bit solution offering a full range of BI capabilities including production reporting, interactive reporting, data analysis, and data integration, which make business intelligence easily accessible to anyone within an organization through a Web browser. JasperSoft was recognized last May at the annual Sun JavaOne conference with a Duke’s Choice award for the most influential open source Java technology-based application.
JasperSoft’s native 64-bit support gives a strategic advantage over many traditional BI products with only 32-bit processor support, which limits them to utilizing 4GB RAM per process. This 32-bit limitation restricts the capacity and performance of business intelligence solutions, unless strategies are employed to swap out to disk caches, which greatly slows processes. Furthermore, as scaling to support more users is memory intensive, 32-bit-only support means a lower limit on the number of users per machine. Additionally, memory-intensive processes like OLAP greatly benefit from 64-bit support. Many traditional BI players are limited to emulate their 32-bit applications inside a 64-bit environment, thus underutilizing the server’s potential memory capacity.

“Delivering native 64-bit open source business intelligence on Sun’s x64 and SPARC servers validates our position of driving BI into the hands of more users by providing our truly affordable, user-friendly, and highly scalable BI solutions with Sun’s server product line.” said Jose Morales, VP of business development for JasperSoft. “We are thrilled to bring this solution to the market, and value Sun’s commitment to the thriving open source business intelligence marketplace.”

“The optimization for Sun’s x64 and SPARC server platform by JasperSoft’s native 64-bit open source technology provides benefits in simplifying BI projects. With Sun infrastructure and JasperSoft’s ability to support mainstream RDBMS, including native PostgreSQL support which is built into the open source Solaris OS, the BI marketplace gains a new, effective offering,” said Juan Carlos Soto, vice president, global market development and engineering at Sun.

JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite version 2.1 with native 64-bit support is available immediately.

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About JasperSoft
JasperSoft is the market leader in open source business intelligence (BI). With more than 2.5 million downloads worldwide and more than 7,000 commercial customers in 96 countries; JasperSoft offers the most widely used open source business intelligence software in the world. The JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite is comprised of an interactive reporting server, graphical and ad hoc report design interfaces, OLAP analysis, an ETL tool for data integration, and a Java reporting library for scalable small, medium, and large enterprises, for use as either stand-alone or embedded business intelligence applications. JasperSoft is based in San Francisco and is backed by leading venture capital firms Morgenthaler Ventures, DCM, Partech International, Scale Venture Partners and SAP Ventures. More information is available at www.jaspersoft.com and www.jasperforge.org.

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