Information Builders Announces Availability of iWay Cloud Services for Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)

Published on November 17, 2009 in Computer & Electronics, Computer Software, Internet, Technology


New Cloud Offering Provides Secure, Cost Effective EIM and B2B Solutions

NEW YORK (November 17, 2009) –

iWay Software, an Information Builders company, today announced that its robust, enterprise integration solutions are now available on-demand with the release of iWay Cloud Services for Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2). iWay Software’s on-demand solution dramatically reduces administrative costs and does not require users to purchase, deploy, or test expensive hardware – meaning companies of all sizes now have simplified, affordable access to the enterprise integration and data access solutions they need to support a variety of critical initiatives.

Offering end-to-end integration capabilities, iWay Cloud Services for Amazon EC2 provides users with secure connections to internal applications, systems, and databases within corporate firewalls. It also allows access to Internet-based Web services and databases and can be easily integrated with other Software as a Service (SaaS)-based solutions. Eliminating the need for on-site installation, iWay Cloud Services for Amazon EC2 enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy cutting-edge integration technologies in the cloud without devoting IT resources to ongoing maintenance or paying the high licensing fees typically associated with on-site solutions.

“It’s no secret that as global spending for on-demand solutions continues to rise, the market for technologies delivered via the SaaS model is exploding, and with good reason,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. “On-demand solutions are affordable, intuitive, and easily accessible anywhere and anytime to companies of all sizes. At Information Builders, we are continuously working to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge enterprise information management (EIM), business integration, and business intelligence (BI) technology. iWay Cloud Services for Amazon EC2 is the next step in that effort.”

From iWay Software’s patented Universal Adapter Framework, which provides connectivity to more than 300 information assets, to its state-of-the-art integration engine, organizations can now access a range of applications via iWay Cloud Services for Amazon EC2, including comprehensive suites for EIM, business-to-business integration (B2B), and business process automation (BPA).

Another key iWay adapter deployed to Amazon EC2 via iWay Cloud Services is the iWay adapter. Deployed in enterprise search, iWay Data Profiler, and iWay Data Quality Center applications available on an SaaS model, the adapter also supports integration with other corporate applications such as SAP and Oracle.

iWay Cloud Services for Amazon EC2 is pre-installed and pre-configured as Amazon Images (AMIs) and fully hosted by Amazon, providing users with:

* A flexible and scalable deployment model that can be expanded instantly, at any time
* Full customizability to address unique integration requirements
* Convenient, anytime, anywhere Web-based access to integration tools
* A highly secure environment leveraging the iWay RVI Secure Proxy Service – using the secure AS2 protocol – preserves data integrity and security between internal applications and systems, and Amazon EC2 instances of iWay solutions
* A budget-friendly fee structure based solely on system usage

“The need to provide data for business is a top priority and with growing volumes of data in public and private cloud computing environments, this need must be addressed as part of a broader information management and business intelligence investment,” said Mark Smith, CEO and executive vice president at Ventana Research. “Information Builders has introduced a robust and cost effective approach called iWay Cloud Services, which leverages the immediate availability of Amazon EC2 to provide a simple but sophisticated avenue to interconnect, cleanse, and profile data across systems, networks, and cloud-based computing environments.”

iWay Cloud Services for Amazon EC2 is fully compatible with Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform, enabling users to leverage the capabilities of BI and integration with the simplicity of a cloud solution. iWay SaaS on Amazon EC2 is available immediately.
About iWay Software

iWay Software’s integration methodology is simple: it uses a single, integrated set of graphical design tools to assemble powerful pre-built components for enterprise-class business-to-business (B2B) integration, business process automation (BPA), or enterprise information management (EIM) integration scenarios – without the use of custom code. Integration configurations can be deployed in a stand-alone manner to any environment supporting a JVM – or to Web application servers from any vendor. iWay delivers the fastest, most cost-effective, and simplest way to integrate and streamline critical business processes. iWay Software’s vendor-, platform-, and protocol-neutral solutions achieve the promise of SOA: true reusability.
About Information Builders

Information Builders’ award-winning combination of business intelligence and enterprise integration software has been providing innovative solutions to more than 12,000 customers for the past 30 years. WebFOCUS is the world’s most widely utilized business intelligence platform. It provides the security, scalability, and flexibility needed at every level of global extended enterprises. Its simplicity helps create executive, analytical, and operational applications that reach dozens to millions of users. Information Builders’ iWay Software suite provides state of the art, multi-purpose, pre-built integration components that address all SOA, application, data and information management requirements. Its integration adapters have been adopted by the leading software platform providers. Information Builders also offers solutions in the performance management, business activity monitoring, and enterprise search markets. The company’s comprehensive enterprise product offerings give Information Builders’ customers the ability to grow and innovate according to their needs.

Information Builders’ customers include most of the Fortune 100 and U.S. federal government agencies. Headquartered in New York City with 90 offices worldwide, the company employs 1,450 people and has more than 350 business partners.

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