Google Analytics is a software program offered free of charge that provides comprehensive data about the visitors to your website. Typically, performance based internet marketers use the software because of their need to understand and optimize their visitor experience and increase conversions. It is by far the most used analytics software for highly visited sites. The reason for its’ popularity has to do with two main components: it is free and it is versatile. Google Analytics can track most traffic sources, including: Pay Per Click, Search Engine, Banner Ads, Social Media, and so on. It can even track clicked links within PDF documents. These fine tuned tracking features are the core behind the tool’s popularity.

Although it changes depending on where you read the statistic, Google is the number one search engine in terms of volume and accounts for more than 60% of all web traffic searches. Due to this popularity, Google is one of the most renowned advertising platforms in the marketing medium. Google has attracted many performance based marketers by offering quality, relevant, and free tools that support their ad network. Google Analytics plugs in well with their Pay Per Click program and allows for users to measure their sales success down to the keyword, the path traveled on the website and several other specific factors, depending on how advanced the user is in its’ setup. The volume of usage in addition to the free access prove the stability and accuracy of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is free and accurate, but it also is scalable. Users are able to track as many as 50 websites with their analytics profile. This typically means different URLs, but user can also create sub-directory tracking profiles to easily monitor specific pages within a site as well. The most common use for this feature is for blogs. Many website owners like to use blogs for relevant information that relates to their main product or service. Keeping track of the visitors on those page can assist in decisions the website owner needs to make in regards to further monetizing their site.

Google Analytics seems like a complicated program because it is so comprehensive. It takes some learning, but is well worth the effort. The statistics provided by the program are invaluable and essential for fine tuning your website’s performance. Some people don’t have the knowledge base or the time to spend on a program like this. For those people it is important for them to find a strategic partner that can set this up. Don’t miss out on sales opportunities, and get your analytics started today.

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