dvsAnalytics has announced the release of its Encore Desktop Analytics module, eCapture. Users are now able to secure additional data, protect sensitive information and improve quality assurance processes because of the assimilation of dvsAnalytics’ workforce optimization suite and third-party applications.

Encore integrates call recording, screen recording, quality management, and analytics in one platform. It is designed to provide organizations with a 360 degree view of each customer’s experience.

eCapture is an optional software module that helps end users Capture Customer Data. It will grab important information like customer ID, sales value, call disposition, etc. and can be removed from third-party applications and linked to call recording files.

This eCapture ability allows you to quickly search and retrieve a list of customer interactions with the criteria you need and then use the data to improve customer service, or in a healthcare setting, to enhance patient care.

eCapture helps you to protect sensitive information by ensuring PCI and HIPAA compliance by not recording the portion of the call in which sensitive data is shared, such as protected health information or credit card validation codes.

For instance, if eCapture identifies the mouse is moving to a field in which sensitive data is entered, it can stop recording the audio and screen activity and then will resume after verification.

eCapture helps you optimize QA processes by flagging calls that meet or don’t meet specific criteria and puts the associated recording into a dynamic play list to be reviewed for QA.

Kathleen Kelly, the president and CEO of dvsAnalytics, says they are excited to offer end-users and resellers this new, innovative application. She added that eCapture is easy-to-use and very intuitive, enabling users to extract data from practically any application running on their desktop.

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