Business Intelligence Management – Some Much Needed Advice


You know that business intelligence management has come a long way, but how do you know you have the right platform in place and that you are capturing the right data to analyze and act upon to build out your strategies? When all eyes are on you, it is important to select the business intelligence software that will not only be a robust performer, but also one that can scale according to your needs. So, perhaps the best method for you in selecting the next business intelligence management platform is to put a procurement team in place.

Business Intelligence Management: Are You Interested in Information?

Did you know that BI software implementation programs are truly cross-cultural in nature? You are investigating the potential of implementing a solution that will capture information across the enterprise and plug it back into a platform that multiple people with varying responsibilities will have to use. But, you may run into problems on your business intelligence management procurement team if you have some conflict between positions and interests. People have certain positions when it comes to business intelligence management. They have a reason to be part of the process. If you fail to explore their interests, however, you miss the opportunity to indentify where people with different positions might have similar interests. This is important because in identifying interests, you also identify opportunities for solutions.

Examine Performance and How Business Intelligence Management Can Help

When you put a team together to identify the right business intelligence management platform for your environment, it is easy for this team to get off track if they aren’t receiving helpful feedback from team leaders. You may also have a situation where clear expectations were not provided and therefore, the team is somewhat going in circles with their activities and discussions. Ironically, the types of things business intelligence management platforms aim to eliminate in the organization can happen when trying to select the business intelligence management solution. It doesn’t have to be the norm, however, so set clear expectations, establish guidelines, offer feedback and reward positive movement and activities.

Do You Have Legacy BI Teams on Board to Determine Business Intelligence Management?

It is very easy to assume that with the evolution of business intelligence management over the last several years, anyone involved in the process in the past would have outdated ideas or would be stuck on a process that no longer has a place in the enterprise. This is far from reality, however, as your legacy BI teams not only understand what challenges they were trying to overcome in the past, but also those challenges that emerged as the business intelligence management platform was put in place and used. Anytime your organization makes a significant investment, key players pay attention to the pay off and legacy business intelligence management systems really just paved the way for users to determine what else they would like to get out of their platforms.

No matter the method you follow to deliver the right business intelligence management solution for your organization, do invest in a procurement team. Follow the tips provided above and you are much more likely to see a positive outcome that will tremendously impact your company’s long-term success.

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