TIBCO Review

TIBCO provides business management solutions, including Business Intelligence to a number of companies and industries worldwide. TIBCO solutions are flexible, integrative and superior in design and support, empowering users to turn valuable information into increased productivity and profit.

Established in 1997, TIBCO Software is the successor to the business of Teknekron Software Systems, Inc., an organization acquired by Reuters Group PLC. The new company continued the development of the TIB software and expanded its use in the financial services markets. TIBCO Software was established as a separate entity to develop and market software solutions for the integration of business processes, information and applications.

What TIBCO Business Intelligence Solution Can Do

Spotfire is the next generation of Business Intelligence discovered by TIBCO, servicing a wide-range of industries. This complete Business Intelligence platform is a critical source of business management success and development. Companies have to know what their competition holds and by utilizing the innovative tools within this software users are able to efficiently track patterns, trends, and outlying data that can make or break business.

Satisfied Customers

FedEx, Harrah’s Entertainment, Perilli, Citibank Asia, Lockheed Martin, Delta Airlines, New Leaf, Merck, Zipcar, Eastport Analytics, Novartis, Zoomio, TeliaSonera

Business Intelligence Product(s)

Offering a complete Service Oriented Architecture, TIBCO has a full range of services including:

  • Business Integration
  • Composite Applications
  • External Connectivity
  • Governance
  • Grid Computing
  • Mainframe Integration
  • Messaging

Products Key Features

  • Analyze and explore data with intuitive, interactive visualizations
  • Directly access corporate and local data sources, including spreadsheets
  • Create and distribute analytic applications for the Web
  • Easily create sophisticated statistical analyses
  • Analyze event-driven and real-time data

TIBCO Business Intelligence Solution Technology

Cloud oriented technology enables users to connect to crucial data at any given point, from any location globally. Global recognition has been received by TIBCO for the innovative and up-to-date applications they continually provide to customers. The latest in development from TIBCO Spotfire BI is an application supported on the iPad. Customers can continue to expect the highest levels of support and development in this Business Intelligence solution.

Bottom Line

The seamless and tight integration that can be emulated with other TIBCO infrastructure products makes this a tightly woven and highly effective solution for Business Intelligence. Users are given tools that enable them to develop structures that monitor end-to-end performance and delivery, leading to greater efficiency within the organization.

The precise infrastructure of this Business Intelligence software puts power in the hands of business experts. Users are given tools that allow them to analyze data quickly and easily. Thus, enhancing the productivity of the business. Customers can gain valuable  insight to the trends of their specific business by utilizing the tools within the software, enabling management to optimize decision making that leads to greater productivity and profit for the company.