Teradata Review

Teradata is a leader in the global world of data warehousing and analytic technologies. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Teradata has been providing companies in a variety of industries with the tools that are essential in building purposeful platforms for successful business in marketplaces worldwide. Purpose built platforms are based on powerful, scalable and reliable technology platforms.

Teradata offers a support system of more than 6,000 associates in more than 60 countries and services a diversified client base of more than 900 customers worldwide. Focused on pushing analytical intelligence deeper into process execution, Teradata aims to enhance efficiency and transform corporate culture within client environments. With a simple, integrated view of data, businesses can rely on Teradata to make smarter and faster decisions across the enterprise.

What Teradata Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

Innovative tools and technologies provide customers with real-time decision making capabilities. Teradata combines two powerful intelligence tools into this strategic process: Strategic Intelligence and Operational Intelligence. These impressive operations ensure the delivery of accurate reporting and planning that give organizations the foundation for making sound business decisions. The Strategic process shows trends through analysis, while Operational Intelligence delivers knowledge of the day-to-day decisions.

Satisfied Customers

Continental Airlines, DIRECTV, Highmark Inc., Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Lund Food Holdings

Business Intelligence Product(s)

  • Teradata

Product Key Features

  • Quick access to data for more timely decision making
  • Solutions for the entire spectrum of load requirements from batch to near-real time
  • Unmatched scalability for large-volume loads
  • Fail-proof loads with checkpoint restart capabilities
  • Proven technology from the data warehouse technology leader
  • Integration with industry-leading ETL and ELT tools

Teradata Business Intelligence Technology

Cloud based technologies encompass Teradata’s Business Intelligence solutions. Operating both publically and privately these clouds allow for rapid deployment and return of crucial information that enable organizations to respond to new opportunities before they vanish, and make informed decisions that bring value to the organization.

Bottom Line

The years of experience in software implementations have given Teradata a head start in Business Intelligence. Understanding that no two companies are alike and that industry standards and requirements vary, Teradata has provided tailored solutions in BI for a wide array of industries.

Teradata’s Business Intelligence software empowers organizations with knowledge they need to make sound business decisions that simplify and integrate enterprise information while improving data quality. Creating efficient, seamless integration of data sources enables organizations to achieve greater value in growth and profit.