Sybase Review

Sybase has proven itself as an industry leader in delivering both enterprise and mobile software to a vast array of industries around the globe. Sybase provides analytics, information management, mobile messaging and enterprise mobility solutions. Sybase empowers business users with the ability to manage high volumes of extensive information data and analysis and then mobilize these crucial points for better decision making throughout their specific enterprise.

What Sybase Business Intelligence Can Do

Sybase BI empowers users with authentic tools for enhanced data management. These resourceful tools enable the business user to analyze and mobilize the information that is gained and develop it in a manner that will create both growth and profit for the company. Interactive reports and dashboards allow users insight of where processes can be tweaked for greater productivity, growth and profit.

Satisfied Customers

Water Corporation , Ecotech IT Solutions , Ticketmaster , Korea Transportation Safety Authority, TransUnion , CNN , Pepsi, North Carolina Dept. of Transportation, Orange

Business Intelligence Product(s)

Industry requirements vary as do the needs of Business Intelligence within the specific industries. This in-depth BI solution includes products that are specifically geared toward a number of different areas including healthcare, telecommunications, government, manufacturing and finance to name a few and while the strategy for BI is similar there are specific target areas within each of those that Sybase has developed and marketed products accordingly.

Product Key Features

  • Manage a high volume and variety of critical information
  • Analyze and create reports in real-time
  • Mobilize the gained information from any mobile device
  • Securely manage critical data assets

Sybase Business Intelligence Technology

Sybase solutions are built entirely using open standards. Enriched and robust technology allows for seamless integration within this Business Intelligence solution. Organizations are equipped with the latest trends without having to spend exhorbently.

Bottom Line

Remarkable company highlights include 40,000 + enterprise customers including Fortune 100 companies and nearly 4,000 global employees in over 60 countries are proven attributes of Sybase’s success in the global Business Intelligence Industry. Mission critical elements for success of business management are comprehensively linked through the innovative BI solution. Enterprises around the globe, no matter the industry, are sure to find that this solution leads the way in mobilizing Business Intelligence.