Stratum Review

Silvon Software, Inc was founded in 1987 with the goal of developing and providing BI and
Performance Management applications that are quick to implement and that provide measurable results. A team of 100 professionals support the vision through research and development, technical support, consulting, sales and marketing, and administration. Solutions delivered by Silvon have been validated and endorsed by Microsoft, IBM and HP. Silvon serves 1500 customers globally helping them to reduce the cost of goods sold, shrink their inventories, speed up time to market and improve the overall supply chain productivity.

What Silvon Can Do

Stratum software has a range of applications designed to serve the unique needs of supply chain businesses. Stratum enables businesses to plan, monitor and manage performance from decision-making to implementation. Businesses can evaluate customer demand and what is creating that demand. By enabling the company to collaborate throughout the structure resources can be better focused and efficiency improved. Opportunities for growth will be recognized and attained.

Satisfied Customers

Consumer Goods: AAi Foster Grant, Bristol Myers Squibb, Citizen Watch Company
Food & Beverage: Diamond Crystal Brands, Ferrero, Kemps
Print and Publishing: Harper Collins Publishers, Harcourt, Johns Hopkins University
General Manufacturing: ITT Industries, Packaging Dynamics, Polytainers

Business Intelligence Product(s)

  • Customer Analysis (Stratum CRM)
  • Inventory Performance Management (Stratum IPM)
  • Marketing Performance Management (Stratum MKM)
  • Supply Chain Management (Stratum SRM)
  • Manufacturing Performance Management
  • Financial Performance Management
  • Sales Performance Management (Stratum SPM)
  • Purchasing and Vendor Analysis (Stratum SRM-A)

Product Key Features

  • Compare KPIs (key performance indicators) with ease
  • Share analytic information with everyone involved
  • Ability to model and predict future sales
  • Quickly asses import of large volumes of data
  • Utilize data in your ERP, CRM and web-based systems

Silvon Business Intelligence Technology

Stratum complements ERP (existing enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship
management) and SCM (supply chain management) by combining pertinent data from disparate sources in addition to leveraging data from external sources.

Bottom Line

Stratum software helps supply chain businesses stay ahead of a rapidly changing business environment. The ability to identify the best market opportunities along with customer purchasing habits makes for better business planning. Managing performance at the manufacturing level helps to keep costs down and quality up. Better supply chain management increases the company’s competitive advantages.

The ability to understand, predict, influence and plan through meaningful analytics maximizes profitability and minimizes the threat of losses. Evaluations for each segment of the supply chain mean that businesses can make sound decisions implemented in real-time.