SpagoBI Review

SpagoWorld has a clear cut vision for open source management for projects across a wide community of users. Creating innovative, intelligent processes that enable companies and organizations in a vast array of industries to successfully accomplish their individual mission-oriented goals, SpagoWorld provides the highest industry standards along with quality and superior service. SpagoWorld will support companies and organizations with the essential elements that are crucial in the success of their business processes.

SpagoWorld projects hosted by OW2 forge, is a part of the newest generation of open source hosting. This collaborative development gives each business or “player” the ability to define the strategy that is best suited for the specific enterprise. SpagoWorld’s vision is to create a sustainable open source “ecosystem” that allows companies and organizations to experience open source development in an entirely new platform that is both innovative and economically friendly.

What SpagoBI Solutions Can Do

SpagoBI is the only entirely open source Business Intelligence Suite and covers every analytical aspect of your business. This solution will bring innovative themes and engines to your Business Intelligence projects. The open architecture provides impressive tools and features that are unique only to SpagoBI. Companies will generate critical information quickly and efficiently through this unique solution.

Satisfied Customers

Gamebay, Fiat Group, The Italian Ministry of Health, Accor Group, Xaltia , Smilehas , Community Network of the Emilia-Romagna region, Marseille Provence Chambre Commerce et Industrie

Business Intelligence Product(s)

SpagoWorld has developed other open source solutions that companies and organizations in a variety of industries may utilize to create seamless business processes these include:

  • Spagic- free/open source platform for governance of middleware services and SOA applications
  • Spago4Q- for software quality services, processes and products
  • Spago- open source java enterprise framework

Product Key Features

  • Reports that are structured with ability to export information
  • OLAP Multidimensional analysis that are more flexible and user friendly than structured reports
  • Specific graphics engines based on the JFreeChart that enable users to develop single-ready-to-use graphical widgets
  • Dashboards for real-time graphical performance views
  • Provides tools to create KPI
  • Cockpits with the ability to aggregate several documents into a single view
  • GEO/GIS users can set real-time connections between the geographical data and the business data of the Data Warehouse
  • Data Mining allowing for advanced data analysis
  • Query by Example (QbE) for those cases in which the free inquiry of data and the extraction of data are more important than their graphical structure and structural layout
  • Smart filters for the ability to create simple enquiry forms
  • Accessible reporting- produce tabular reports, which are accessible according to the international law WCAG 2.0
  • RT Console allows users to produce real-time monitoring consoles
  • Dossier- automatically create organized report dossiers, enriched with the attending notes and information
  • ETL- load data according to the common ETL logic or Data Ware House vitalization logic
  • Office users have the ability to publish personal documents in BI environments, realized through commonly used Office tools (Open Office or MS)

SpagoBI Technology

Through the community of business and organizations, SpagoBI is unique in the sense that this Business Intelligence solution is an entirely free, open source software development, released in a unique stable version under the GNU LGPL license, without any further pay version. This not the classic open source software, it is developed to fit your specific need for exceptional project management.

Bottom Line

SpagoBI is robust in engines and features that soar above the classic Business Intelligence software. Having thought of immeasurable amounts of essential elements that support project management, SpagoBI gives any company or organization the resources to stay ahead of the game. Organized data and analysis are key factors in project management, and the graphical engines that are uniquely designed within this Business Intelligence solution allow the user to structure them for individualized goals.
Working together as a team is what will enhance this software’s potential. This Business Intelligence software will grow to meet the needs of various industries across the continent strengthening the power of open source software intelligence.