QlikView Review

QlikTech was founded in Lund, Sweden in 1993 by Bjorn Berg and Staffan Gestrelius. From the beginning the company has been devoted to helping business users enhance insights and streamline the decision making process. Their first product was a pc-based desktop tool called QuikView. In 1996 developments in product technology led to the new name QlikView emphasizing its ability to provide detailed analysis with a single click.

In 2005 the decision was made to focus on the growing Business Intelligence Market and QlikView went from being a single-user desktop tool to a server and Java based web tool. Partnership with Intel and HP secured QlikView’s ability to incorporate multi-core and multi-processor advancements. Today the QlikView Business Discovery Platform is a truly new kind
of software boasting 16,000 partners in 100 countries with an industry-leading satisfaction rate of 96%.

What QlikView Can Do

Unlike traditional BI software that can be cumbersome and costly, QlikView is simple to use and cost effective. With QlikView, users can type any word or phrase into the QlikView search box and get instant data results associated with their query. No time is spent documenting and coding information for warehousing. Instead QlikView uses the full capacity of memory and discovers associations.

Satisfied Customers

Akron Beacon Journal, American Kennel Club, Bassett Healthcare, Campbell Soup, Canon, DeLuca Homes, Feed the Children, FILA, Gatorade, Global Retail Bank, Lifetime Brands, National Frozen Foods, Panasonic, PerfectServe, SI International, ThedaCare, USSynthetic, VIP Auto, Weir Services

Business Intelligence Product(s)

QlikView offers software solutions to a range of industries helping them to overcome information challenges improve performance and enhance business agility. Consumer Products – Retail and
Distribution, Financial Services, Health and Life Sciences, Infrastructure Services, Manufacturing and Public Sector are among those currently benefitting from QlikView technology.

Product Key Features

  • Patented in-memory technology consolidates data from any source
  • Associative searching gives instant results through familiar query & click format
  • Enables visualization in ways you choose to deepen understanding
  • Every user able to create their own QlikView apps
  • Maximum scalability means it can grow as your business grows
  • Able to protect and safeguard data and analysis with security console

QlikView Business Intelligence Technology

QlikView integrates directly with the desktop. At the same time web applications provide never
before experienced freedom from the desktop by enabling users to access analytics with any mobile device such as iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Bottom Line

QlikView is the fastest growing BI company with the highest rate of customer satisfaction. Reported returns of investment (ROI) are measured at 186% along with significant decreases in operating costs making QlikView a leader in customer loyalty. The Google-like BI search format makes the software user friendly eliminating the need for extensive training and time consuming data warehousing. Users are able to ask and answer any question from whatever device they use to do their job and can access reports and analysis in seconds.