PRELYTIS is a rapidly growing Business Intelligence vendor headquartered in the Paris and Bordeaux areas in France. For six years, PRELYTIS has been engineering innovative solutions that empower companies in their decision-making processes, enterprise performance, and enhancing their specific information chains. PRELYTIS is reaching enterprises globally including Asia, France and the UK. The innovative software is intensifying its position in the market and continues to evolve with the latest trends and processes in business management.

What PRELYTIS Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

This clear and precise BI solution will simplify the decision-making processes that link vital data for enterprises, empowering them to make better decisions that enhance growth and profit for their specific industry.

Satisfied Customers

Johnson Controls France, LASER COFINOGA, Sanofi-Aventis, CSC, ADP-GSI France, DRT

Business Intelligence Product(s)

LiveDashBoard is the first web 2.0 BI application and its features create seamless, real-time transmission of pertinent project management details. Users have the ability to share this information with others in real-time format through multiple data sources.

Product Key Features

  • Interactive Dashboards- LiveDashBoard allows you to design quickly professional dashboards including reports, alerts and business indicators.
  • Innovative and precise report design- by simply clicking your mouse you can easily place analysis axis, measures and any calculation that is vital to enterprise performance.
  • Comprehensive Data merging- link the data within your organization efficiently.
  • Key Alerts- with PRELYTIS LiveDashBoard, you are able to set these thresholds and let the system automatically monitor your key indicators. Users can be alerted in their dashboards, through email and SMS.
  • Mobile Access- consult your key indicators, inventory levels and sale orders in real-time through your mobile device.
  • Business Metrics and ScoreCards- measure trends that allow you to react for greater productivity and profit.
  • Administration- robust security and management tools.
  • Portals- export reports and dashboards utilizing programs such as PDF and Excel

PRELYTIS Business Intelligence Technology

PRELYTIS BI technology is fast, simple, flexible and open. This innovative technology is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. The open design allows users to access vital information business information securely and efficiently through any computer or mobile device.

Bottom Line

PRELYTIS new generation of Business Intelligence software provides enterprises with all the essential elements to create seamless business management processes throughout. Quick implementation and instant deployment for immediate collaborative teamwork are valuable assets in this BI solution. The innovative and smart designs that are engineered in this remarkable technology will heighten the value of growth and profit for companies in a wide range of industries around the globe. Empowering markets with precise and innovative technology helps to simplify and manage the Business Intelligence process.