PivotLink Review

PivotLink is led by a highly qualified group of professionals with years of proven industry success.

The team represents prior experience with startup companies as well as key leadership roles in existing companies before joining the PivotLink Executive Team. The company is guided by the three-fold vision of providing easy access to data information, securing the best user experience and offering on-the-go metrics and reports.

The vision is realized by offering a new and different approach to data storage and processing technology whereby columnar encoded data storage combines with in-memory analytics. Among its many awards and positive media attention, PivotLink was recognized as a 2011 Hot 100 Best Privately Held Software Companies by JMP Securities.

What PivotLink Business Intelligence Can Do

The PivotLink BI platform is innovative because it starts with what you want to measure rather than the data you have. A free-form drill path allows you to get the answers you are looking for
without having to navigate through pre-determined sequences. You are able to build visuals
in tables or graphs within seconds and then share them with business partners securely. And at
any point you can add new data sources without IT support or delays. This means more people
are sharing business information across the business chain enhancing true collaboration.

Satisfied Customers

Andronico’s grocery chain, Bartell Drugs, Bauer, The North Face, REI, Shaklee, Car Toys, Global English, MLS, OrderMotion, Timbuk2, Zones, Taleo, Cleveland Golf, Rossignol, VF Corporation
Distribution Market Advantage, Leading Global Logistics Company

Business Intelligence Product(s)

  • PivotLink BI Platform
  • RediMetrix

Product Key Features

  • Self Service allowing you to ask your own questions & create your own graphics
  • Quickly deployed and meaningful metrics and dashboards
  • SaaS model combined with unique technology allows unified information viewing
  • IT is freed to focus more strategically

PivotLink Technology

PivotLink leverages Cloud Computing using the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model
giving users metrics-driven analytics at one tenth the cost of traditional BI solutions

Bottom Line

PivotLink BI offers a unique solution to data-intensive business challenges. Starting with what you want to know rather than the data you have means you can enjoy greater adaptability. The SaaS deployment and flexible design mean that information is available quicker and easier for non-IT users.

In business, faster answers lead to time sensitive actions producing optimum business results. Customers are able to connect more people and give them access to the same view of business data promoting the best problems solutions and strategies. Deploying via the Cloud means that solutions are achievable at one tenth the cost of traditional BI solutions thereby delivering more meaningful analytics for less dollars in less time.