Pentaho Review

Pentaho is a leader in  open source  Business Intelligence solutions designed for companies in various industries and size. Pentaho provides organizations around the globe with the business intelligence tools needed for optimum reporting and analysis. By empowering organizations to to make well informed decisions, Pentaho helps them to generate greater performance and profit.

Pentaho software is used by organizations to make fast and smarter business decisions that positively impact their bottom line. As a leader in innovation, Pentaho frequently updates their business intelligence applications to equip organizations with cost-effective BI software that solves real world problems.

What Pentaho Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

Pentaho provides its users with complete open source Business Intelligence capablities that empower them with key elements to drive success in this vital business process. Providing a full spectrum of solutions that enable businesses to develop and track individualized data sources to increase efficiencies, contain cost and drive revenue.

Satisfied Customers

Accession Media, Aspiro, BizIntel, BNSF Logistics, Brussels Airport, Centro, Loma Linda University Healthcare, London Oncology clinic, Mozilla, Scholarship America, and Quartet Financial Systems

Business Intelligence Product(s)

  • Pentaho BI Suite

Product Key Features

  • Pentaho Data Integration- refresh and integrate data wherever it exists
  • Pentaho Analysis- explore and analyze data in real-time, with rapid results
  • Pentaho Dashboards- visibility of crucial elements that effect growth and profit
  • Pentaho Data Mining- discovering key elements that are involved with future opportunities and development

Pentaho Business Intelligence Solutions Technology

Pentaho’s open source Business Intelligence suite is leading the world through its deployment options, offering on-premise, Cloud-based and embedded deployment options. Pentaho’s numerous deployment methods make their solutions the right fit for any organizational structure.

Bottom Line

Pentaho BI Suite contains all the features an organization needs to generate more informed decision-making. Pentaho’s remarkable Business Intelligence Suite gives businesses power, flexibility and innovative technology to align their most critical data and turn the new found knowledge into valuable growth and profit.