Panorama Software Review

Panorama Software is an innovative leader in Business Intelligence space. Founded in 1993, Panorama sold its remarkable OLAP technology to Microsoft, in turn Microsoft rebranded this technology known today as SQL Server platforms and since this sale in 1996, Panorama and Microsoft have remained close, strategic partners in Business Intelligence software development.

Panorama Software supports a wide array of industries including financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, telecommunications and life sciences. Worldwide these industries Business Intelligence needs are met through innovative solutions developed by Panorama Software. Offices servicing over 1500 customers can be found throughout North America, Asia and EMEA.

What Panorama Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

NovaView is Panorama’s Business Intelligence Suite, armed with resourceful tools that enable organizations to create a complete Business Intelligence system. Users have the ability to earmark what data is essential in building success and focus on those elements, creating the optimal BI solution for proactive business management. Powerful data exploration and navigation optimizes productivity within this BI solution.

Satisfied Customers

Abbott Laboratories, Avis, Food Services of America, Fuji Film, John Hopkins University, Israel Bank, Jelly Belly Candy Company, Shutterfly, Standard Bank, Washington Post, Wachovia Corporation

Business Intelligence Products

Outstanding products that are developed within the Business Intelligence solutions’ create a well-rounded platform for users depending on the specific needs of the organization; a strategic partnership with Microsoft brings forth the following products that will further streamline BI management:

  • Panorama NovaView® for SDK
  • Microsoft SharePoint Client
  • Microsoft Excel Client
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Client
  • Panorama NovaView for MS PowerPivot

Product Key Features

  • Dashboards – yield a quick view of the health and trend lines of your business; can be customized specifically to meet individual need.
  • Analytics- quick and easy query and analysis through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Smart Reporting- creates real-time-ready reports that remain fully interactive and provide powerful visualization objects that can be embedded in your report.
  • Shared views- enable users and organizations to perform real-time collaboration with people inside and outside the firewall, and publish information to suppliers and partners in a streamlined and controlled fashion.
  • Flash Analytics – designed in partnership with Google gives users the ability to navigate through large amounts of data to generate important business insights.

Panorama Software Business Intelligence Technology

Panorama’s remarkable technology is focused on delivering business intelligence solutions for enterprise companies in two different manors; first as a traditional on-premise BI solution and secondly, through an innovative Software as a Service solution (SaaS).

Bottom Line

Panorama offers exceptional Business Intelligence solutions to a vast array of industries worldwide. Its capabilities are considered endless, providing enriched features that empower enterprises to manage their products at optimal heights. The embedded technologies of Microsoft add efficiency and intelligence to this solution.
The success of your business depends on your team; therefore they must be equipped with the essential tools and knowledge that drive that success. Complete and precise BI management is delivered in this comprehensive BI Suite and is sure to amplify the value of your company.