LogiXML Review

Creating seamless innovative technologies in the field of Business Intelligence and Reporting, LogiXML has designed solutions for several industries including software and SaaS providers, small to medium business ventures, large scale enterprises and government agencies.
Each platform includes clear and precise tools that enable users make informed decisions that bring value and profit to the enterprise.

What LogiXML Business Intelligence Can Do

LogiXML’s business intelligence technology gives you the ability to access crucial, real-time information and analyze key performance indicators through interactive, Web-based dashboards.

Satisfied Customers

Crane Pump and Systems, inShared, the Marketing Store, Turtle Wax, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Business Intelligence Product(s)

LogiXML provides both an ad hoc reporting application for business users as well as an application development platform that enables developers to create more advanced BI applications.

Product Key Features

  • Create impressive visualizations that drive crucial business insights
  • Quickly build dashboards to track key areas of your business
  • Access up-to-the-minute critical data to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs)

LogiXML Business Intelligence Technology

LogiXML technology features intuitive wizards that enable rapid deployment. Products within this robust BI solution have a modern web architecture that set them apart from the traditional BI in scalability and streamlined processing. LogiXML features flexible licensing models for your organizations deployment needs. Solutions are optimized for the cloud, offer multi-tenancy, and are available for both the .NET and Java platforms.

Bottom Line

LogiXML hosts a vast array of Business Intelligence solutions that encompass industries of all types and size. Resourceful tools enable users to analyze critical data and in turn take that information to better the business processes throughout the enterprise. LogiXML empowers business users with key elements for driving the success of their companies with a reasonable cost of ownership. Striving to provide businesses with clear and concise insight for superior decision-making LogiXML has created this comprehensive Business Intelligence solution that will benefit the core of your organization.