Jaspersoft hosts one of the world’s most innovative open source Business Intelligence solutions. Delivering service to customers in over 100 countries, the company’s open source software has already been downloaded 12 million times with approximately 160,000 production deployments, and over 13, 500 commercial customers throughout the world.

Providing both SaaS and Cloud service to customers worldwide, this highly innovative Business Intelligence software surpasses its competitors with its wide-range of powerful utilities for the Business Intelligence community. Companies can rely on Jaspersoft to enable companies to adapt to a new, virtualized world with a complete array of on-premise, multi-tenant SaaS and cloud-based deployment options.

What Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

This complete web-based BI platform includes dashboards, reporting, analysis and data integration at remarkable levels of performance. In addition, outstanding deployment options are available to service customers needs. Jaspersoft offers company’s cost-effective solutions for Business Intelligence without compromising the end-result.

Satisfied Customers

Austin Energy, British Telecom, Column Technologies, Disytel, Entuity, The U.S. Naval Safety Center, Hospira MedNet, Syntel, USDA

Business Intelligence Product(s)

  • Jaspersoft

Product Key Features

  • Security & Auditing services – Central repository secures reports, dashboards, and analysis views
  • Metadata layer – Business-friendly fields representing relational or non-relational data
  • Multi-tenancy – Single installation supporting hundreds of tenants
  • Embeddable & Customizable- Webservice based platform accessible using Java, XML, HTTP protocols, extendibility for integrating with relational and non-relational sources

Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Technology

Various deployments are available to customers that will enhance individualized Business Intelligence needs. Offering Cloud, SaaS, and on- premises services, Jaspersoft is providing continually updated systems. Consultants and support that is available around every turn ensuring you the highest quality of support in managing the most vital aspects of your business.

Bottom Line

Providing centralized services for data management, Jaspersoft’s Business Intelligence solutions are designed to benefit three important layers in business management- the developer, IT specialist and the end user. Key elements for the developer include important measures such as the ability to connect or extract data from other applications for an integrated review of data. The IT specialist is given the tools needed to optimize reporting and analysis, while the End Users are able to benefit from the graphic design capabilities in laying out the crucial data for optimal business management and planning designs.

Jaspersoft is a leader in the highly innovative design of Business Intelligence Software. Meeting the  needs of customers and providing key elements for the success in business management is their priority. Customers are assured that their data is sourced at optimal heights, creating seamless management and control of the crucial elements of their company’s business operations.