iQ4bis Review

iQ4bis began in 1985 as Q4bis and has rapidly excelled in offering state-of-the-art Business Intelligence solutions to companies across the globe. Supporting offices are now located in the United States, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

iQ4bis believes that knowledge is power and that philosophy has gained them a leadership position in the Business Intelligence industry. iQ4bis is offering simple, easy to use applications that deliver intuitive analytics for medium-sized companies in a variety of industries.

What iQ4bis Business Intelligence Can Do

iQ4bis will help you know your business intimately. You will be equipped with tools and resources that will streamline your crucial and key elements with your data sources to make stronger and profitable decisions increasing the power of your company.

Satisfied Customers

Burger King, Nellson Nutraceutical, Bell Tea, Kubota Tractor, Merck Sharpe, Franke, EA Sween, Konica Minolta, Taser, Ampacet

Business Intelligence Product(s)

iQ4bis provides a rich platform for BI solutions and includes features for specific analysis in targeted areas such as finance, warehousing, supplier need, inventory control, sales and marketing. Specific information can then be generating throughout the platform for enhanced decision making processes.

Product Key Features

  • Analysis and Reporting-quickly identify trends and variances in your business, responding proactively rather that reactively
  • DataServer-pull together information from multiple applications and/or database engines, providing complete, consistent, and up to date reporting and analysis backbone
  • ReportPublisher- quickly generate templates of pertinent information that can be shared with end users, partners, customers or suppliers
  • Planning and Budgeting- seamlessly submit budget targets and forecast for what is ahead

iQ4bis Technology

iQ4bis has engineered end-to-end BI solutions that operate on the highest standards of technology offering pure Microsoft platform and optional Microsoft SharePoint Integration, your businesses important data is going to be deployed rapidly and efficiently every time. No elaborate training is necessary for this simple, innovative Business Intelligence solution.

Bottom Line

iQ4bis believes that companies like yours must be empowered with the data they store to make better decisions for greater profit and value. There is measurable value in the data that your company possesses and unless it is streamlined and readily available it does nothing for the value of your business.

iQ4bis has a highly regarded reputation servicing companies in a wide array of industries with progressive solutions for better decision making that turn data into powerful technology and resources, optimizing product, profitability and overall success of companies around the world.