InetSoft Review

The mission is simple- provide high quality, easy to use, economical and deployment friendly business intelligence software that empowers clients with the latest technology to be progressive in their enterprise. InetSoft began delivering robust business intelligence technology in 1996 to organizations worldwide and now deploys this innovative software to over 3,000 organizations spanning an array of industries that include nearly 25% of Fortune 500 companies.

What InetSoft Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

Style Intelligence is the InetSoft’s BI solution and includes their very own patent pending Data Block™ technology enabling productive reuse of queries and a unique capability for end-user defined data mashup, when this information is combined with the remarkable visual analysis technologies within InetSoft, the business user, IT specialist and the developer will appreciate the self-service benefits of this Business Intelligence solution.

Satisfied Customers

AmberPoint, FPX, eScholar, ArcSight, Pentagon Technologies, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CitiGroup, LockHeed Martin, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Lufthansa, GE Healthcare, Merck, NASA

Business Intelligence Product(s)

Inetsoft BI solution comes in two editions:

  • Style Report Enterprise – reporting software that focuses on enterprise reporting.
  • Style Scope – visual analysis plus real-time reporting focusing on business data exploration by combining Data Block™ technology with visualization.

Products Key Features

  • Data Access and Mashup -Real-time data mashup Data Block™ architecture, Multi-tenancy support, Data mashup across domains and multiple data sources.
  • Visualizations, Dashboards and Visual Analysis- Unlimited multi-dimensional charting, Brushing for data exploration, and flash-based user interactivity.
  • Enterprise Reporting- Production reports with embedded business logic and parameterization, as well as interactive reports and in-report exploration.
  • Unified Business Analytics- target-based balanced scorecards, OLAP access to applications such as Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Hyperion ESSbase, Oracle OLAP, and SAP NetWeaver.

InetSoft Business Intelligence Technology

Style Intelligence is built on open standards, giving users the ability to easily integrate with other applications. System integrators, ISVs, and SaaS providers can easily integrate reporting and dashboarding in their own horizontal or vertical applications. InetSoft also offers specific embedded technology which adds to the remarkable capabilities of this Business Intelligence solution.

Bottom Line

InetSoft Style Intelligence is an operational business intelligence platform that utilizes a visualization-driven approach to address reporting, analysis, and dashboard needs, in a unified, easy-to-use business intelligence solution. It’s powerful patent-pending Data Block foundation for real-time data mashup presents information precisely through interactive dashboards, enterprise reporting, scorecards, and exception alerts. In contrast to other BI software, this Business Intelligence solution is complete and comprehensive including analytics software and sophisticated reporting plus direct, efficient access to nearly any data source. The architecture delivers an embedding and integration ready platform that delivers business intelligence within business processes.