Indicee Review

Founded in 2006 and based in Vancouver, Indicee is dedicated to equipping the ordinary business users with extraordinary processes to consolidate, share and analyze crucial business data. Taking crucial elements from business processes and mapping results for optimal decision making Indicee can equip you with tools and resources that will transform your business. Technology is evolving rapidly and Indicee’s goal is to provide simple, easy and most importantly affordable solutions within the Business Intelligence community all the while offering the latest trends in the industry.

What Indicee Business Intelligence Can Do

Indicee has developed a remarkable SaaS solution that is simple and user-friendly allowing companies of various industries to deploy crucial information in real-time through remarkable dashboards and integrative reporting enabling business users to react effectively for more streamlined business making decisions.

Satisfied Customers

Symmetrics, Alco

Business Intelligence Products

Indicee has developed specific Business Intelligence solutions for Marketing, Finance, Sales and IT departments. Each of these solutions is specifically geared for the need of that marked industry.

Product Key Features

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Key performance indicators
  • Innovative Dashboards
  • Comprehensive reporting

Indicee Business Intelligence Technology

Indicee has a clear goal of being a catalyst in Business Intelligence by providing a user friendly online community in which users can analyze, share and problem-solve both efficiently and effectively. Based on SaaS applications users will find this solution secure and easy to use.

Bottom Line

Enterprise’s of a all sizes can benefit from Indicee’s simple, concise Business Intelligence solution. Indicee constantly provides cutting-edge technology to offer customers robust features that are in line with the latest trends in business intelligence. By empowering users with the necessary critical features, Indicee enables organizations to make more well informed decision making without any delay through SaaS technology.