Dundas BI Review

Dundas began in 1992 evolving with new technology for the era and since its beginning has continued to lead in innovating better technology interfaces. Now, Dundas stands out as a world leader in advanced data visualization and business dashboard solutions.

Dundas offers professional services to vast numbers of Fortune 500 companies in various industries providing comprehensive dashboard consulting and enhancement. Dundas Dashboard is a remarkable Business Intelligence platform that provides business with the essential elements in streamlining data for proficient decision making.

What Dundas Business Intelligence Can Do

Dundas Dashboard is a comprehensive data visualization platform that is built to fit the needs of your specific enterprise. Careful attention to detailed scenarios is met in this robust technology and it is extensible to meet the most complex initiatives.

Satisfied Customers

Citigroup, American Express, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Johnson Controls, Raytheon, Honeywell, Cisco, United Technologies, Boeing, Oracle, Dell, Morgan Stanley, WellsFargo

Business Intelligence Product(s)

Dundas has revolutionized Business Intelligence through their BI platform, Dundas Dashboard. Proven methodology, expertise and technology have led them to the top in BI engineering. This solution is a comprehensive platform for turning data into profit, and providing essential elements for making better business decisions.

Product Key Features

  • Open API- simplifies the addition of large pieces of custom functionality and complex integrations
  • Dashboard Communication- ability to communicate within dashboards
  • Instant Notifications- users can receive alerts/updates via email and other mediums
  • Data Visualizations- flexible and customizable
  • Data Source Support- assures users that data is always accessible
  • Script Engine
  • Drag-and-Drop Designer- web-based, simple and intuitive for rapid turnaround
  • Dashboard Mashups- easily personalized, promoting self-service BI
  • Dashboard Integration-easily integrated to web-based interfaces
  • SharePoint Dashboards-dashboards can be designed/deployed in SharePoint

Dundas Business Intelligence Technology

Dundas Dashboard is built on the .NET and Silverlight platforms. This solution was built to integrate seamlessly with many of Microsoft BI technologies that many industries currently function off of. Businesses have benefited immensely from the seamless connection between Dundas and the MS technologies.

Bottom Line

Dundas understands that data is the lifeblood of your company and in order to profit from it you must have the capabilities to turn data into knowledge. Companies need to analyze, view market trends and take action to make profitable business decisions and Dundas can support you in creating the most out of your data.

Dundas’ reliability and extendable structure allows for you to manage your data seamlessly whether your company exists in one location or multiple outlets. Dundas will consolidate varieties of data sources and create highly functional scenarios through robust visualization that will empower better decision making processes for greater strength and profitability within your enterprise.