Dimensional Insight Review

Dimensional Insight began as a small startup company founded by Fred Powers and Stan Zanarotti in 1989. Since that time Dimensional Insight has enjoyed steady growth now serving 2600 customers worldwide. Today it is the leading independent provider of BI, Performance Dashboards and Reporting and Analytics applications.

Dimensional Insight’s The Diver Solution earned the Best in Class Achievement Award 2010 ranking in the top tier for Business Intelligence software for the second consecutive year. Regard for teamwork and commitment to customer and employee support are at the core of Dimensional Insight philosophy.

What Dimensional Insight Can Do

Customers benefit from data integration, strong analytical and reporting components and smooth dissemination of information. On-demand reporting and analytics delivers business value by moving users from data to understanding to sound business action. Standard functionality includes: event scheduling, alerting services and data access control and encryption which can be customized without the need for expensive add-ons.

Satisfied Customers

ABS, Brainworks, Computers Unlimited, Dynamic Health Strategies, Insight Formation, Neilsen BDN, Prodosy, Shelford, Trellis, Visual World

Business Intelligence Product(s)

Dimensional Insight delivers end to end BI solutions some of which include:

  • InterReport ProDiver
  • NetDiver
  • CellDiver
  • ProReporter
  • Diveline
  • Di-Broadcast
  • DIAL
  • Di-Scheduler

Product Key Features

  • BI capability in comfortable web-based format
  • Predicts trends
  • Immediate access to KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Accesses data from internal and external sources
  • Streamlined dashboard development

Dimensional Insight Technology

On Demand BI provides quick browser-based access to data from a company with years of experience. The ability to add more users with no hassle and the ease with which timely information can be shared with users boosts customer satisfaction.

Bottom Line

Dimensional Insight offers businesses a suite of powerful tools for data integration and modeling. The fact that no databases are required for storage means that the cost of reporting and analysis are brought down. Accessing actionable data means that decisions can be made in order to adjust to fluctuating market conditions. Lowering costs, creating an environment for data-driven decisions both proactively as well as responsively is how true business value that speeds return on investment is delivered.