Decision Support Panel Review

DS Panel was established in 1999 to develop purposeful Business Intelligence solutions and Performance Management ISV. The core delivery values include easy access, immediate value, collaboration and simple licensing.

DS Panel is constantly evolving in the world of BI and prides itself on the core delivery values that were the foundation of the company. Organizations worldwide have come to depend on DS Panel and how it can positively turnaround the essential processes of business management and continues to evolve with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

What Decision Support Panel Business Intelligence Can Do

Performance Canvas is BI for DS Panel. This comprehensive management system surpasses the traditional approach to BI and will provide greater insight in decision making for both the customer and the client that is being served. This solution is easy to access and the terminology is simple enough to understand, giving the ordinary business user mass amounts of knowledge without added confusion.

Satisfied Customers

Recall Corporation, Quilogy, Lending Tree, Sterling Fluid Systems, Colfax Pump Group, The SIF Group

Business Intelligence Products

The following products are editions developed by DS Panel will enhance the performance of the Canvas Business Intelligence they are strategically designed for optimal performance and management:

  • ISV & OEM Editions
  • DSPanel Portal Edition
  • DSPanel Portal Edition
  • Performance Canvas Planning

Product Key Features

  • Analyze the business situation, comment and communicate to initiate action.
  • Find relevant data using standard search technologies like Microsoft Enterprise Search or Google Enterprise Search.
  • Create a new drillable Performance Dashboard/ Scorecard based on the defined business terms using nothing but a web browser.
  • Share this Performance Dashboard/ Scorecard with other users by emailing a simple link.
  • Publish the same Performance Dashboard for mobile use and send it directly to the mobile phone.

Decision Support Panel Technology

Users will experience high performance software that is powered by industry leading OLAP/UDM engine and business intelligence infrastructure-MicroSoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. Your team will have access to real-time information collectively. Open standards of Business Intelligence gives users unprecedented access to their data processes.

Bottom Line

Performance Canvas BI is built from the ground up to meet the demands and requirements of business users across a wide array of industries. Developing easy-to-use Performance tools that can be utilized throughout the organization is part of the core delivery values of DS Panel.
DS Panel has a strong commitment to our customers and the success of their business across the board. Developing evolving business management strategies that bring significant value to our customers is what drives our leading edge information technology, providing the latest in trends, and yet remain cost-effective for businesses worldwide.