Data Applied Review

Data Applied is a small scale technology group settled in Washington State. An evolving passion for distributing strategic applied statistics, data visualization and data mining drives the force behind innovative technologies. Data Applied understands the importance of offering cost-effective business management solutions to enterprises of all sizes and industries and has revolutionized Data Mining and Business Intelligence solutions through web-based interfaces.

What Data Applied Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

Data Applied has revolutionized the data-driven decision making tools for Business Intelligence. Integrating analytics, data mining and elaborate information visualization capabilities, companies will be better equipped to make decisions that will improve the efficiency within the organization.

Satisfied Customers

Data Applied’s innovative technology has proven valuable to its strong customer base.

Business Intelligence Product(s)

Data Applied is a complete end-to-end solution provider and has created platforms to assist your company in data analysis, data mining and data visualization.

Product Key Features

  • Share Data and Analysis securely and efficiently
  • Build powerful reports
  • Visualize large data sets
  • Pinpoint key influences- determine which fields most influence others, and under which conditions
  • Discover similarities – automatically visualize similarity between records
  • Detect anomalies- detect true anomalies, or valid but exceptional cases
  • Categorize records- discover broad categories of records using a cluster detection algorithm

Data Applied Business Intelligence Technology

This Web-based enterprise Business Intelligence solution is collaborative, powerful, searchable and open. The rich technology empowers users with tools and resources that will provide well-integrated business intelligence solutions that are programmable and scalable for your specific industry requirements.

Bottom Line

Data Applied takes Business Intelligence beyond simple reporting. Hosting a wide array of innovative processes that create seamless and strategic planning and management along with robust visualization features and optimal reporting, organizations will be able to lay out clear cut plans for enhanced business management. By extracting valuable knowledge from data in domains as varied as Web Analytics, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Social Sciences or Non-Profit, organizations will be empowered to make better data-driven decisions and improve efficiency that leads to greater growth and profit across the board.