Cognos Review

IBM is a leader in offering superior, innovative technology around the globe. Staying in tune with the latest technology needs and evolving better strategy for business management, IBM is servicing and engineering technology for enterprises of all sizes and types worldwide.

Cognos 10 is revolutionary software engineered by IBM to create smoother business management and practice. Serving over 23,000 customers around the world with this intuitive solution design by IBM proves their astounding leadership in the software industry.

What Cognos Business Intelligence Can Do

Cognos Business Intelligence empowers your company to use their greatest asset, data, accessing virtually any data source and providing detailed, understandable views of the data to all users. In doing this companies are given the resources they need to make stronger, profitable business decisions in real-time, without having to sift through loads of unorganized information.

Satisfied Customers

Chinese Insurance Company, Mitsubishi Corporation Europe, Nature’s Path Organic Food, The Police Service of Northern Ireland, Creditreform, Gulliver’s Travel Associates, Belgian Red Cross, Bank Plus, Global Radio

Business Intelligence Product(s)

Cognos is a complete platform for Business Intelligence and can be utilized in conjunction with other highly innovative technologies delivered by IBM to create seamless, structured business management. Each of the well designed tools of this BI solution is designated for better business practices across the enterprise.

Product Key Features

  • Query and Reporting
  • Scorecarding
  • Analysis
  • Extended Business Intelligence- utilizing technology through extended network capabilities including mobile devices

Cognos Business Intelligence Technology

The revolutionary design of this technology allows the businesses to successfully explore and assemble data. IBM provides superior deployment of your crucial information and you are equipped with tools to personalize and access your information anywhere, anytime.

Bottom Line

Cognos Business Intelligence software is scalable, easy to use and high functioning, allowing for optimal decision making. Decisions can be made rapidly as data sources are streamlined and robust in detail. No more fishing for key elements to make better decisions. The information is tailored and available immediately.

Cognos Business Intelligence brings information to connect people when and where they need it operating with the highest standards in the industry, empowering faster, efficient decision making processes that lead to greater profit and revenue for your enterprise.