COA Solutions Review

COA Solutions is now Advanced Computer Software Group, plc and is known as a leader in the industry in providing financial accounting and business intelligence software to a wide-range of corporations and industries in the UK. Whether the company is public, private or not for profit, understanding the customer and responding to the needs of the specific business is an integral part of COA’s mission and success.

Software and IT services for the commercial sector represents 35 percent of the company’s revenues. This sector of the industry tends to deliver faster lead times when compared with the health and care sectors, which underpins the company’s growth while also providing opportunities for cross-marketing of products and IT services.

What COA Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

This complete and comprehensive BI solution provides organizations of all size or industry with remarkable tools that give them the information that is needed to compete and succeed in their industry. Users are able to gather and analyze pertinent information that is essential in making wise and sound decisions regarding their specific business and industry. These tools provide organizations with information that will increase both productivity and profit.

Satisfied Customers

Blaby District Council, SCA Packaging, Crown Oil, George Eliot Hospital, Brendoncare, Dart Group PLC, Three Valleys Housing, Merton Council, Norfolk Police, Edge Hill College, The Saville Group, London Borough of Camden and Companies House

Business Intelligence Product(s)

COA Solutions offers a fully integrated business suite that in addition to BI includes:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Procurement
  • HR and Payroll
  • Document Management
  • Performance Management.

Product Key Features

  • The Data Warehouse layer: the single repository of your entire organization’s IT-based data
  • The Data Quality layer: assuring the quality of all data exchanged between the data warehouse and the systems within your organization that are integrated with it
  • The Master Data Management (MDM) layer: assuring the consistency of master data exchanged with the data warehouse – customers, products, suppliers, employees, etc.

COA Solutions Intelligence Technology

COA Solutions provides users with essential knowledge, support and capabilities to make the most out of their business processes. Solid and sound technology is an integral part of this Business Intelligence software. Remote technical service is available to users, giving users the freedom to concentrate on the core elements that are derived from this Business Intelligence solution.

Bottom Line

Integrated abilities within the business suite allow for seamless performance and productivity. Users can see real-time data easily and efficiently and as a result decision making and end-to-end performance are optimal. Highly visible dashboards, reports, analysis and scorecarding are vital components to the COA Solutions BI.

COA hosts a dynamic Business Intelligence infrastructure that gives your organization the tools that are essential in measuring the success and productivity of your specific business/industry. Real-time data is configured and reported so that you can weigh and measure those points that are crucial to the success of business processes and profits.