Birst Review

Birst is a web-based (SaaS) Business Intelligence software provider. A leader in on-demand BI, Birst is bringing innovative tools to organizations to empower greater decision making. The solutions are easy to use, affordable, and quick to deploy. Bringing support to organizations of all sizes and industries, Birst offers proven and effective measures that bring clear insight to business.

A number of companies rely on Birst to enable fact-based decision making to a wide range of organizations through analysis and reporting solutions. Birst solutions are designed to be quick to deploy, easy to use and affordable to integrate. The company was founded in 2004 and is led by veterans in the business intelligence industry.

What Birst Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

Birst’s innovative technologies offer organizations a comprehensive and complete BI solution. All of the components that are required to perform advanced Business Intelligence are integrated in this end-to-end solution. It is adaptable for various industries and business sizes. Because it is offered as a cloud service, data is uploaded directly and without delay. This innovative technology does have the ability to function and connect with existing databases on-premise. Users can move seamlessly from one application to another without compromising functionality.

Satisfied Customers

Children’s Choice Learning Centers, Aspect, DocuSign, RBC Wealth Management, Metro Atlanta YMCA, Unilab, Altair, Citrix, ArcSight, Key Technology, NPD Group

Business Intelligence Product(s)

  • Birst BI Suite

Product Key Features

  • Dashboarding
  • Ad hoc and Reporting
  • OLAP
  • ETL and data warehousing

Birst Business Intelligence Technology

Birst’s web-based Business Intelligence solution guarantees heightened satisfaction from users- rapid deployment, affordability and valuable time-saving tools are an example of the distinct features that abound in this remarkably valuable solution. Birst is the only enterprise-class BI to offer unique deployment through the Cloud or the option to host on-premises, giving organizations the ability to choose the right fit for their specific technological needs.

Bottom Line

Tailoring dashboards and reports to reflect the individualized needs of customers is an essential element in any organizations success. Knowing who you are serving and discovering where changes need to be made for increased opportunity and growth is vital and with this comprehensive suite users can do just that.

Birst is dedicated to the success of its business customers and by providing powerful, innovative technology and flexible Business Intelligence solutions organizations are empowered to improve decision making and turn knowledge into increased profit and gain.