StatSoft Review

StatSoft, Inc. began engineering analytical software in 1984 and is now one of the largest global providers worldwide. Also, manufacturing software systems for quality control and improvement, the company is the only one in the world capable of supporting quality control products worldwide in all major markets. StatSoft’s offices are on all continents and software is available in more than 10 languages. STATISTICA is a product line developed by StatSoft that provides processing systems that are cutting edge, scalable and Web-enabled and service a vast array of industries worldwide. Innovative applications provide seamless, real-time solutions in the business management processes.

What StatSoft Business Intelligence Solutions Can Do

STATISTICA is engineered by StatSoft as a complete and comprehensive BI solution that will empower enterprises with key elements in the analyzing, managing and decision making processes that will provide optimal growth and profit strategy.

Satisfied Customers

3M, The Hershey Company, Georgia-Pacific, Pepsi, Taylor Made Golf, AstraZeneca, Peterbilt Motors Company, Heinz Qualcomm, US Postal Service, Shell Global Solutions

Business Intelligence Products

Six different lines of product management are available they include:

  • Enterprise: designed for use by multiple users across a site or an entire organization
  • Web-Based Analytic Applications: products deployed in a highly-scalable, Web-based architecture for customized, turnkey Web-based analytic applications.
  • Data Mining Solutions: comprehensive and effective system of user-friendly tools for the entire data mining process – from querying databases to generating final reports.
  • Desktop: products designed for use on a single workstation.
  • Connectivity and Data Integration Solutions: The configurations to data sources in STATISTICA Enterprise are defined and managed centrally using the STATISTICA Enterprise Manager Administration tools.
  • Power Solutions: Power Solutions is a combination of products and consulting.

Product Key Features

  • Powerful analytical tools
  • Clear visualization through innovative dashboards
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Comprehensive data management

StatSoft Business Intelligence Technology

StatSoft offers a variety of development and system implementation for enterprises ranging from small to large scale. Software can be set to work with current databases or implemented to work through WebSTATISTICA server technology. Developers are available to scale your system for your specific need and industry that will ensure quality and user-friendly results.

Bottom Line

StatSoft has engineered a remarkable line of products that will enhance your Business Intelligence Solutions. These elements can be specifically designed to fit your individual industries requirements and product management processes. Bringing together complete, comprehensive Business Intelligence tools in this solution empowers your company to heighten the decision-making processes that leads to optimal growth and profit.